November 25th, 2018

One Step At A Time

I bugged out of Chambanacon early this morning (although slightly less early than I'd feared I might need to) due to the approaching winter storm. Thus, do I carry on the tradition of the Passovoys. :)

It took a little while to get out of the hotel proper, because I had to go down to the front desk to sort out my bill. I wanted to make sure that I hadn't been charged for what should have been free Internet. I could have looked at the PDF folio that they'd emailed me, except it appears to have been corrupt, as it wouldn't open on two separate devices, even after downloading a new version of Acrobat Reader. Thus, it was off to the front desk.

There was no charge for Internet on the bill (good!), but there *was* a vagrant charge for one night of parking which I missed on first reading (bad!). So we got that taken off, a fresh copy of the bill printed, and it was off to load up the car and get on the road ahead of the weather. There was, in fact, no more than light drizzle until I got to I-355, after which there was construction and full-on rain. But I made the trip in two and a half hours, including a drive-thru to grab some breakfast and a stop for gas in Channahon (2.199 at the new Thornton's there where I'd stopped on the way down; turns out it was 2.099 at the Speedway eight miles further up the road. In any case, this was better than the 2.899 a station a few miles south of there was charging on the highway or the 2.999 at the station across the street from the Thornton's, which caused me to wonder how they sell gas at all and to speculate on what they are selling instead.).

After lunch, Gretchen and I went to the basement so that she could clean up some of the Christmas stuff that was still piled up from last year, while I downloaded and installed an update to Izotope Nectar 3. And after I installed that, I had to authorize it. And the iLok License Manager had an update that needed to be installed. And once that was installed, I had to reboot, and Windows had an update waiting for me. But then I was able to authorize the new copy of Nectar 3. (And I now recall that there seem to be four more Izotope minor updates to install. Better go do that.)

So I could start up Cubase to play with the new Nectar plugin and see how it works. But maybe I should check to see if there's a Cubase update. Oh, look! Cubase 10 is shipping. So I have now purchased and am *very slowly* downloading the 21 GB update package.

In the meantime, I reduced the mass of boxes that were sitting in a chair outside the studio to rubble and debris and sent them upstairs with Katie, which -- along with Gretchen's work! -- improves the chances of navigating to the studio without knocking anything over.

Eventually, the computer will be completely updated. I will not have *done* anything *with* the computer, but it will be updated.