Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Words, Mr. Rico!

My brother-in-law, Jeff, found this site which provides a list of words ordered by their frequency of use in the English language.

Of course, I had to go searching for my name (I almost said "Google" for my name -- *gack*).

"Bill" is #711, largely attributable to it being a common word, I'm sure. And it's surrounded by "carried" and "heart". "Roper" is #30103, flanked by "bognor" and "paras". Right. Excuse me while I get my dictionary.

Of course, I'm better off than "Gretchen" at #71489 with neighbors "kashan" and "cosmogony". And her maiden name, "Duntemann", isn't listed at all. But her middle name, "Harriet", is at #4893 between "Liz" and "withdrawn".

Actually, "William" does well for a name at #1227 between "proposed" and "February". And "Dwight", my middle name, is down the list at #36070 with "Trieste" and "Punjabi" as buddies.

You're going to go look up your name now, aren't you? :)
Tags: meme, musings

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