January 14th, 2019


And a brief postscript to yesterday's Adventure On Ice:

I eventually wandered upstairs to get ready for bed and, as I was removing items from my pockets, discovered that my wedding ring -- which is usually in my left shirt pocket -- wasn't there. Oops.

One of the details that I didn't mention about the fall was that after I landed on the ice, the first thing I did was to pat my left shirt pocket looking for my cellphone which -- by odd coincidence -- had not been there. In fact, it had slid down into the sleeve of my jacket and lodged there. I had Katie help me peel back the jacket until she could retrieve the phone. (And this was a good thing, because during softball practice, I had tucked the phone into my left front pants pocket where it would be safer. Of course, when I fell onto that pocket, it was no longer the safer place.)

But I hadn't thought to check for my ring.

So I grabbed my wallet and keys and headed out to look for the missing ring. (Gretchen told me that I didn't need to bother, because she would love me anyway, but I really would prefer not to lose the ring, given an option. I also figured that the chances of the ring being there in the relatively dark and empty parking lot last night were good; the chances of it being there after sunrise would start dropping quickly.)

I drove to the spot where I had fallen and easily spotted the ring in my headlights. I *carefully* got out of the car, stepped over the patch of black ice, retrieved the ring, and got safely back in the car and drove home.