January 27th, 2019

Problem Solved

Oh, it *does* look like I solved the problem at work yesterday.

Today, I took a few minutes and deleted the fossil code from the old version of the project that I'm working on. The file went from 2900 lines to 900 lines. So the new code is less than half the length of the old code. Of course, I *did* push a couple of things out to other classes, but even so, it's substantially cleaned up.

I Can Gather All the News I Need From the Weather Report

The forecast for tonight includes up to seven inches of snow, starting momentarily and continuing until 9 AM tomorrow morning. Many school districts in our area have already thrown in the towel.

Ours has not. Yet. Part of the problem is that we're almost certain to lose one or two days later this week to deadly levels of morning wind chill. -50 degrees Fahrenheit will do that to you. And they'd really like not to lose *three* days this week.

But what they *like* and what may happen when confronted with the situation on the ground (literally) tomorrow morning are two different things.

In other news, I have an appointment at the dentist for a cleaning at 9 AM tomorrow.

I wonder if they will be there.