March 1st, 2019

Plague Update

The stomach flu settled on Gretchen yesterday and knocked her down for the count. She is feeling substantially better today, but still not 100%.

This leaves Katie, who has -- thus far! -- avoided our household plague. She *did* complain of a splitting headache, sore throat, and touchy stomach a few days ago after her trip to a water park at the Dells. Dr. Dad considered the environment there and diagnosed this as a likely sinus infection with drainage. Ibuprofen was administered and things appear to have gotten better.

Katie is off for a morning field trip with her school orchestra. Julie is at school. Gretchen is resting on the couch.

Me? Time to code something. :)

Making a Spectacle of Herself

Katie noticed that she was having trouble reading the whiteboard at school. This was not a surprise to us, given the state of the eyes of both of her parents. So we got an appointment at the optometrist and took her there today.

It turns out that Katie is *very* mildly astigmatic. *That* was a surprise -- I would have bet on myopia. But I would have been wrong.

So Katie now has glasses to use for distance vision, primarily at school. Whether she gets sports glasses is another question altogether. We'll find out more about that as softball season starts.