March 3rd, 2019

I Can See Clearly Now

The optometrist told Katie that she would not need to wear her glasses most of the time in all probability. She'd just need them for better distance vision.

Katie, however, has twigged to the fact that the astigmatism correction improves her view of pretty much everything, all the time. I think that the glasses are a permanent fixture.

Which means I'm going to need to look into sports goggles for her...

Early Guitar Report

My fingertips are now moderately sore. This suggests that I need to spend more time playing the guitar than I've been lately. But getting to know the new guitar (a Taylor Grand Pacific) is a good idea and I spent about an hour playing for Gretchen last night and some more time working with the guitar today.

I have yet to experiment with the ES2 electronics in the guitar. That would require pulling out an amplifier or plugging it into some device for recording, neither of which has happened yet. And that's fine, because the guitar has to perform as an acoustic instrument first.

As advertised, this is a different beast than my other guitars. It can produce a *lot* of volume, but -- unlike its sibling dreadnoughts in the house -- it will do so with a *very* light touch of the fingers or the pick. You can hit it hard certainly, but there is no reward for doing so. It takes a little while to figure out where the best response is, but it's not that difficult to do.

You can get an appropriate chunky sound out of the bottom end. I wanted to play something suitable that wasn't my own composition, so I pulled "Closer to Fine" out of the memory hole and tried that. Nice and chunky and clear where it's supposed to be, with the top end like chimes with an almost absurd amount of sustain. I finished the song, hit the final chord, and just listened to one of the notes coming out of the sound hole, refusing to go away unless I muted it.

This guitar and I should get along just fine.