March 14th, 2019

Don't Fence Me In

I was working on one thing or another at work this afternoon when I heard Julie shout, "The fence has blown down! I kept Ruby from going out the door!"

Oh, good. Better that Ruby the Dog be *inside* the house than *outside* it with a downed fence, as that's an invitation for a long chase. I went down to inspect the situation which had been triggered by the 60 mile per hour gusts that we had this afternoon.

It was the section of the fence in the corner of the yard, so if Ruby had escaped, it would have been into *another* fenced yard, which was the *good* news. The bad news is that the bad section of fence was behind some enthusiastic bridal wreath. Oh, and did I mention the thick sticky mud in that corner?

I grabbed the hammer and some large nails and went out to try to do an emergency repair. The good news was that both ends of the top 2x4 had pulled loose, but the bottom 2x4 was still attached. I pushed the fence section back into place and renailed the moderately rotted rail on the more accessible end while I plotted rebuilding the fence section in better weather.

The less accessible end was more of a challenge, as the aforementioned thick sticky mud was trying to keep my shoes as a trophy. But I kept the shoes and got a nail through the rail.

The fence is back up, at least for now.

And Ruby the Dog did not make an escape. :)