April 10th, 2019

Train Delay

I got to the train station for my trip down to the Loop and discovered that there had been a switching error (apparently a scheduled CN freight train had not shown up, but they kept holding the tracks open for it). All of the Metra trains were massively delayed. Oops.

Happily, one of the heavily delayed trains stopped at my station shortly after the delayed train I was planning to take should have arrived there, so I got to the Loop only a little late. I got to the *office* rather later than I'd intended, because McDonald's managed to mislay my order for 15 minutes or so, but eventually they disgorged my breakfast sandwich (and a bonus apple pie for my patience).

At work, I got to meet one of our QE folks who is in to visit from India. We all went out to lunch together and then had a productive meeting where I explained how one of our subsystems works to the QE folks.

When I got home, I snagged Katie and we went out to dinner and then to Play It Again Sports where we found a new glove for her to replace my high school glove where the laces failed. I can get my glove relaced, but not before she's going to need a working glove. :)

And now, it is late and time for bed, because I got up *way* too early this morning.