April 15th, 2019

Back to Work

I am back to work and -- in and around a lot of meetings -- am continuing my spelunking expedition through some code that I am fixing up. After sufficient inspection of a routine, I can usually remember what it is *supposed* to do. Then I need to see if it's actually *doing* that. And then I need to make it work with the changes that I'm making. All this is very entertaining. And just a bit exhausting.

Today, I stared at three complicated if statements and the code within and rearranged them so that there was slightly more code and fewer if statements. It is remarkable how much more clear the code became. It's still not quite *right*, but I have written comments to indicate what the code is *supposed* to do and -- after I get done with it tomorrow -- that is what it will be *doing*.

This is *way* more work than it should be.