May 1st, 2019

They Say It's Your Birthday

It was Julie's birthday today, and I dragged my sorry sick self out of bed for her birthday dinner out at the mall, followed by a trip to Build=A-Bear Workshop. This went better than it might have overall, although not as well as I might have hoped. Let me just say that Red Robin was not having a good day. *sigh*

When we got home, I set out to activate Julie's new phone and failed dismally, because her old SIM card is not compatible with the new phone. I suppose there was some way that I could have checked this, but I didn't, so the final activation of the phone will have to wait for the arrival of the new SIM card. But she seems happy with the new phone, which is good.

(It was phone replacement week here, as Katie's phone fell out of her pocket and got run over by a car. Still worked, but the glass was so shot that it wasn't really functional in any normal sense of the word. She was quite chagrined. It turns out that a repair would have cost only $30 less than the identical new phone, so a new phone seems like the right solution. Fixing it myself would have been cheaper if you ignore the cost of time and stomach lining. These things are all glued together, so you just have to get a heat gun and heat them to 100 degrees Celsius to take them apart. Yeah. No.

But Julie's phone has had a cracked, but functional screen for some time. This produced certain equity issues, so I decided Julie's birthday was a good reason to replace her phone as well. Mind you, I had not been entirely sure that Julie would not *object* to replacing the old phone, as she becomes rather attached to things...

She didn't object, so here we are.)

Happy birthday, Julie!