May 13th, 2019

A Matter of Time

I got back from Marcon around 10 PM last night. I had a good time, about as good a time as can be had when you are recovering from the flu and have no voice. :)

Today, after work, it was off to Katie's softball game, where they won their first game of the year by the score of 14-13. It was exciting, as they trailed 11-10 after four innings. The fifth inning was surely going to be the last and if it wasn't completed due to running out of time, the score would revert to 11-10 and a loss for our girls. Eep!

But the girls scored four in the top of the fifth and then held on to record three outs in the bottom of the fifth while giving up only two runs and getting the final out at 7:59 PM or thereabouts. :)

That was cutting it about as close as you can...