June 10th, 2019

Well, That Was Remarkable

Katie's team got off to a good start today, but stalled out on offense at about the same time that their pitchers developed some distinct difficulty throwing strikes. As a result, their early lead evaporated and going to the bottom of the last (fifth, in this case) inning, they trailed 18-11. Normally, you can only score five runs in an inning before you have to stop and let the other team bat, but if you've managed to actually declare the last inning to be the *last* inning, you can score an unlimited number of runs.

And the girls took pitches, and hit the ball, and hustled around the bases and scored eight runs to win by a final score of 19-18.

Ok, a pitcher's duel it was not. But Katie pitched a very credible first inning, giving up only one run. And she had problems when called on to relieve in mid-inning, but that's not unusual. And she was on base all five times today.

There was a *lot* of good offense today. And some good defense as well.

And it was a *great* comeback win. :)