July 5th, 2019

I Guess That Really Did Need Some Work

Our garage door has been balky about closing lately, getting down near the bottom and then reversing and opening up again as if it had detected an obstruction. This isn't a good thing, especially if you forget to look out and see that it hasn't closed as you're heading in the door to the house. I asked Gretchen to call a repairman and he came out today and took a look at it.

Apparently, the rollers were badly corroded and the bracket that held the rollers at the bottom of the door was a complete wreck on each side from 20+ years of road salt and water. The cables needed to be adjusted too. The sum for the repair came to something annoying, but not unreasonable, so I told the fellow to go ahead.

It is *remarkable* how much more quietly the garage door closes now. As in, it used to sound like the house was about to come down and now you barely notice.

I guess it really needed some work...