July 19th, 2019

Ah, Well

You know, every time that we play in one of these softball tournaments, we find that the organizers have invented a new and inexplicable rule that ends up working to our disadvantage. Today was no exception.

Today's rule was that the game would end after one hour and fifteen minutes (ok, we've seen that sort of thing before -- they apparently shortened it up from the planned 1:30 because of the oppressive heat, which is entirely reasonable). And the score at that point would be the final score.

So if the home team gives up the lead in the top of the inning and you hit 1:15, the game is over and the home team loses. This is, to the best of my knowledge, a unique rule in any baseball-like sport, as normally the score would revert to the last complete inning when it was tied up 6-6. I have never *heard* of one team getting more at bats than the other team, unless -- of course -- the team that got more at bats ended up trailing and losing.

Ah, well. There is always something new and stupid in heaven and earth. This was today's example.