July 20th, 2019

Hot and Tired

The girls lost their first game today in another bit of entertainment brought to you by the drop-dead rule, where they were leading going to the top of the inning, the other team scored enough runs in the top of the inning to take the lead, and then we were told that the game was over without playing the bottom of the inning, even though we were still some six minutes short of the drop-dead time by my watch. It was fascinating.

Losing their third consecutive coin flip, the girls were once again at the home-team disadvantage in their second game of the day, but managed to score enough runs to win handily despite the drop-dead rule *and* a rain delay due to a passing thunderstorm. The seedings were finally determined and it turned out that the girls would *again* play the team they had just played at 8 PM (plus a bit, due to the rain delays), but the drop-dead rule would now be revised so that the inning in progress would be completed.

Happily, the girls won in the elimination game by a score of 11-3, so they will get to continue playing tomorrow. At 11:30 AM.

This is good, because there's at least one pair of teams with an 8 AM start...

Back to it tomorrow!