August 18th, 2019

Knocking Things Down

While Gretchen and Julie were at the BMX park this afternoon, Katie and I undertook to paint the newly-installed doors. We managed to get both doors painted on one side, along with all but one bit of the trim per door. With any luck, Gretchen can finish up the doors tomorrow and that particular project will be done.

I still need to paint the new drywall in the hall downstairs, but that will have to wait a bit longer.

In Comcast news, I have now found the skip forward and skip back keys on the remote that the installation tech said didn't exist. It turns out that the page up / page down keys are overloaded to handle this during playback. This is a really good thing to know.

Also, although the keypads don't light up and tell you whether the alarm system is armed or not when you are just looking at them, if you put your hand within six inches of the keypad, the appropriate light will come on to let you know the answer to the question. Surprise!

I wonder what I'll find out next...