September 21st, 2019

As the Baseball Season Winds Down

Due to a confluence of things not going quite as planned, I have yet to see a Cubs game in person this month. (Overall, I've seen fewer than I might have hoped to for the year, but things have been busy.)

I always plan -- when possible! -- to see the Cubs final home game of the season. This year, that's tomorrow vs. the Cardinals, my favorite baseball team. And the Cardinals are (not at all as I expected) currently holding a three game lead over the Brewers and a six game lead over the Cubs with seven games left to play. So this turns out to be a relatively important game in the baseball scheme of things.

The forecast for tomorrow is for rain. Multiple inches of rain. And flash flood warnings. Oh, and did I mention rain?

I am hoping that the game is played. I am also hoping that the forecast is just wrong enough to scatter the showers to either side of Wrigley Field for the duration of the game.

We will see if I see a game at Wrigley Field in September...