September 28th, 2019


The other day, when I was down in the basement, I wandered into the studio to check on the computer there and -- what a surprise! -- Windows 10 wanted to update. Well, fine. I triggered the update and wandered back upstairs, because it was better to get the updating work done when I wasn't actually planning to be doing any work there soon.

Today, I took some laundry down to the basement and decided to see if the update had succeeded. It had, so I figured I'd fire up Cubase 10 and make sure things were working.

They weren't. The Cubase startup complained that my Melodyne installation had expired. It complained that my Soft Licenser needed to be repaired. (This was almost certainly because of the Windows update.) It simply was out to make a mess.

I fired up the eLicenser. It ran through the normal maintenance and informed me that it needed to be upgraded. I downloaded that. I installed it. This would require a reboot.

Oh, look! Windows 10 wanted to update again. This reminded me of what my work machine had done a few days ago, so I wasn't surprised. Update that, run the eLicenser. That's good.

Now, download the new version of Melodyne that doesn't have the annoying bug that is causing it to report out as expired. And install it.

Let me check. Yes, Cubase 10 has been updated as well. Let's download and install that.

Are we all ready now? Why, yes, we are. So let's test this out on one of the projects that I've been working on. Yep, seems to work. Test mix for song completed.

And then we got to the next bit of our story...

Fight Song

Julie's been wanting to record something in the studio. All Dad has to do is find the music to sing to.

Well, here's "Fight Song", which is one of her favorite songs. Let's grab the clip and load it up as a scratch track. I set up Julie and recorded her in one take singing along to the original.

Now, let's take the original clip and remove the vocals, paste it back into Cubase, and mix against *that*.

There we go. Gretchen beat me over the head until I got the EQ and reverb straightened out and now it sounds remarkably like Julie.

And pretty darn good for an eleven year old.

Here it is: Fight Song.