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Bill Roper's Journal
October 4th, 2019 
10:43 pm - Testing, Testing
I built a new JUnit test framework using JMockit and now have a good place to stand to write lots and lots of unit tests as I build out my new code.

This makes me happy. It makes my bosses happy too, which is also a good thing.
10:45 pm - Furniture to Go
Could any of our local friends use a nice queen-size light oak bookcase headboard? It's a nice piece of furniture (not particle board), but K wants it the heck out of her room to make more space.

The year-old queen-size Serta Brindale mattress, older box spring, and bed frame will be following at a slightly later date if you're looking for those.

Let me know. You just need to take it away to a good home.

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