October 29th, 2019

That, Too, Has Passed

Colonoscopy completed this morning with an assist from Sam to get me there and Gretchen to pick me up.

Two polyps removed, neither looking nasty. We'll know more after they're examined, but it will be either three or five years until I get to do this again.

A colonoscopy is not fun, but it beats the alternative!

The Persistence of Filking

Prompted by a previous round of colonoscopy, I penned the following very short colonoscopymas carol:

I want a colonoscopy for Christmas.
A colonoscopy is all I want.
Don't want a doll or a pole for catching bass,
All I want's a doctor who will...

This was followed by Gretchen saying, "Thank you, dear."

But it was a long drive to OVFF ahead of today's colonoscopy. And thus we have another very short colonoscopymas carol (to the tune of "Happy Holidays", if it isn't obvious):

Oh, your bowels we will be probing!
Colonoscopy for you!

And Gretchen said, "*Thank* *you*, *dear*!"

I have three to five years before I need to have this done again. That may be long enough for her to forgive me...