November 2nd, 2019

Take One Tablet

When we switched over to using Square some years back, I bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 for the dealer table. It has worked for us for years, although it has become increasingly long in the tooth. It's been mired on Android Kitkat for years, it doesn't support the tabletop card reader, and it was annoyingly slow when Gretchen was using it last weekend at OVFF. Now, I hadn't noticed the slow part so much, because I've mostly been running the table off my phone when I'm there, but Gretchen prefers a larger device with bigger type and buttons, because -- as she frequently reminds me -- touch screens hate her.

I had figured to wait until the Black Friday sales to look for something suitable, but the urge to shop hit me. I found the much-newer-and-compatible-with-the-newer-card-reader Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8 on Amazon for $139.99. And it's running Android Pie, which is a happy thing.

So I bought it. It came yesterday, I've got it configured, it talks to the Square Reader, and all appears to be right with the world.

This is so much nicer and cheaper than the old credit card terminals...