December 1st, 2019

Back From Chambanacon

And I'm back from Chambanacon, where I had an excellent time and there was some wonderful singing.

Normally, we would have gone out and bought a Christmas tree today, but it was raining *and* the lot we have been going to for many years is no longer there. So we're going to need a new source for a tree.

Some time this week will be fine. :)

Song As Yet Untitled #1

So I have been terribly backed up on songwriting. It's not that I haven't had *ideas* -- I simply haven't had the time or energy to do anything about it. This is frustrating.

The wonderful thing about being at Chambanacon is that it's a relaxacon and there actually *is* time to do something about it. I got mugged by bits of this song while sleeping earlier this week, wrote it at Chambanacon, and had the chance to sing it in the circle Saturday night. It's still rough and it definitely needs a title, which Gretchen is working with me on.

But here are the lyrics:
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Song As Yet Untitled #2

Here is the other song that I wrote at Chambanacon that I did *not* get to sing in the circle there, because I didn't finish it until I'd headed back to bed in the room on Saturday night. But I had been three verses into writing the song earlier in the day and the other two verses wanted out, so I let them win.

I've been kicking the idea for this song around for a while now; more seriously since OVFF.

I think it was good and ready to come out. Still haven't decided what to call this one either...
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