February 11th, 2020

Bank Failure

It's the time of the year when I go print out check images for the various business accounts that I'm responsible for so that I can file the taxes. Our accounts are (after the latest merger) with Huntington Bank, so I logged on there.

Click on one of the checks for the account. Yes, the image displays correctly.

Ok, now run the search for all of the transactions from last year. Click on a check.

The message comes up that the image is not available.

It turns out that I cannot retrieve *any* check images when using the advanced search feature.

Time to call technical support. They have me clear my cookies and browser history. This makes no difference. (Although it does mean that I now need to log into every website that I use again. Whee!) They have me try Edge instead of Chrome. This makes no difference. (Today, just for jollies, I downloaded Firefox and tried that. It made no difference.)

"Well, it works for me here."

This is not extremely helpful.

They have filed a trouble ticket on it.

In the meantime, I still need the check images.

It would be nice if their wonderful new website redesign worked as well as the old version.

But it does not.