March 13th, 2020

Shutting Down

I had to run down to Dr. Bob's office to let him take a quick look at my leg and decide whether or not it justified another course of antibiotics. It did.

This was the fastest trip I have ever made to and from his office, because the Tri-State had no backups, which is not what one expects on either side of the noon hour. Well, at least, unless you are into the coronavirus pandemic, which seems to be keeping a lot of folks off the highways and inside their local Costco or Sam's Club, hunting for toilet paper.

I figure that we probably have several weeks worth of toilet paper on hand already, so fresh supplies should arrive before that becomes a problem.

On the other hand, we could use some bread, eggs, and milk. I guess I'll see how that's holding up tomorrow. Early reports do not sound extremely promising, but they could be wrong.

Many things are. :)