April 15th, 2020

A Security Play In One Act

Today's security play in one act:

My cellphone rings. It is from a number that I can't identify. I answer it anyway.

A voice on the other end asks, "Is this William Roper?"


"This is Dwayne with OptumRX. You have a prescription that's ready for refill that I can order for you."

"And what prescription would that be?"

"Well, first, this conversation may be recorded for training purposes."


"Now, for your security, I need your date of birth."

"No. I have no proof that you are OptumRX and I am not going to give you information that can be used for identity theft."

"Doesn't your phone say that this is OptumRX?"

"No. It has a number that I don't recognize and it could be spoofed in any case."

"Well, this is OptumRX. It's ok, because this conversation is being recorded."

"That's exactly what a scammer would say."

Anyway, this continued for a while, with him assuring me that he was legit and me saying that I had no way of knowing that. Eventually, I asked for a supervisor, was placed on hold, and had to depart for a work meeting.

What an incredible concept of security.