July 27th, 2020


I am going to have to get some more information about how to overturn an entire neighborhood of incorrect assessments. Our crooked Cook County Assessor, Fritz Kaegi, has produce assessments for this neighborhood that are easily $100,000 more than any of the homes on the block could sell for. We all know this. The last sale in this neighborhood was a completely renovated and updated house that sold for $470,000 in 2017. It was assessed for $600,000 in the last round of assessments based on nothing that I can figure out and has been used to drag up the assessments of the other homes on the block to match.

Many of us hired lawyers to appeal our assessments and got token reductions of around $5000 or so on the assessment, which is peanuts when the neighborhood is so completely overassessed. But because the assessor has corralled us into a tiny neighborhood *and* because their process only wants to accept comparables from the neighborhood, they use their inflated assessments of each of the houses to justify the inflated assessment that you're appealing.

There is another neighborhood of tract homes in our town in a different assessment neighborhood than ours. Those homes are larger than ours. They are two years newer than ours. They back up onto a city park and then a schoolyard (we just back up onto the schoolyard). They are uniformly assessed for $100,000 less than ours.

This is in no way understood by man (as opposed to crooked politicians, which Illinois is full of) as a fair process.

Fritz Kaegi is a crooked politician, just like his predecessor. He campaigned on reform, but he delivered more corruption.

Tomorrow, I am going to start making some phone calls. They may not do a lot of good, but at least I can tell as many people as possible what kind of crooked operation Fritz Kaegi is running.