November 27th, 2020

Post Mortem

Today, work was happily quiet. This meant that some things could get done.

I pulled out the sawzall and cut down the remaining scrap wood from the fence so that it would all fit in the fireplace. Some of this was scrap that hadn't come up from the bottom of the yard; other bits were pieces that I had left a bit too long to fit. K stacked it near the house so that it was no longer a messy pile all over the patio and at least a bit sheltered from the elements. This improves the chances that we might be able to burn it later.

Last night, I swapped the good monitor that had been on Julie's old computer for the broken, but barely functional monitor that had been on Gretchen's machine. Today, I hauled the hulk of the old monitor and the broken keyboard and speakers from Julie's old machine downstairs for a later trip to recycling.

And tonight, I salvaged the hardwood casters that I had installed on the chair that Julie had been using and hauled *that* hulk out to the curb. It had not been an expensive chair to start with and with the vinyl ripped out on the seat, it was not worth saving or trying to repair. It was joined by a box full of metal fencing scrap that we removed when fixing the fence.

With any luck, it will leave with the rest of the garbage tomorrow.