December 5th, 2020

Pre-Christmas Cleanup

Gretchen and I spent some time straightening up the living room, trying to get it ready so that we can get a Christmas tree tomorrow and get it up and decorated. The work is not completely done, but the situation is substantially improved. I have a bunch of cardboard that needs to go out for recycling, but the new small decorative shelf is installed in one corner of the room and holding a large number of things that were evicted from the dining room in order to make room to move one of the computer desks in there.

I have also retrieved the Nativity scene and a dead monitor from the basement. One will replace the Day of the Dead ofrenda; the other has been added to the pile of dead electronics to go in for recycling.

And earlier today, we disposed of a box of assorted "stuff" and the lawn spreader at Goodwill, so progress is being made.