January 2nd, 2021


Progress was made on Capricon things today, which was good, although I still have more pushing to do. But progress is progress. :)

In other news, I figured out how to attach the boom mic stand that I got for Christmas to my desk. Unfortunately, it turns out that the best choice is to attach it to the *front* of the desk, which means that I really don't want to *leave* it there, so I figured I'd unmount it and put it in the closet.

Now the closet in my office (which is also Gretchen's sewing room) is a bit of a mess. Actually, the big problem is the debris field that we've allowed to accumulate in front of it, which we just need to process and make go away. But within the last few weeks, K and Gretchen were looking for fabric for a Christmas project that K wanted to do, so they were trying to get into the largely blockaded closet. I conclude that K tried pushing the closet door in a direction that was blocked, because when I went to move that door today, it really didn't want to move.

A short inspection indicated that the doohickey that lets the door hang from the track had been ripped half out of its socket by brute force. (Which is why I suspect K in this.) Great. I figured I would unmount it and take a good look at it to see if it could be repaired or whether it needed to be replaced. I unscrewed it from the door and the doohickey split into two pieces. The good news is that it could be reassembled, tightened, and fastened back to the door with the original screws and holes, aided and abetted by a unshelved loose-leaf binder from the debris field which made a fine classical plane which, when shoved under the door, elevated the unsupported end of the door to the right height.

So all things are reassembled now, except the debris field now looks like the Incredible Hulk has rampaged through it (as I was not at all gentle about getting things out of my way), so maybe we should look at putting all this stuff away tomorrow.

Somewhere. :)