January 24th, 2021


Some time back, we moved the small couch into the space between the dining room and the living room. This is far from ideal, but Ruby the Dog was using it to launch herself ever higher against our front picture window to bark at things outside. This caused us to picture the dog going *through* the window, which was not a good picture *at all*, so we decided that moving the couch was the simplest solution.

Ruby is slightly older and *slightly* less bouncy, so with Christmas having passed and the tree no longer being in the window, it seemed like a good time to put the couch back. It has, in fact, seemed that way for a few weeks. This morning, I decided that this was something I could do by myself while waiting for Gretchen to come downstairs for lunch, and so I did.

The couch looks very nice there.

In other news, I spent way too much time reading old newspaper comics today, so the pile of dead newspapers on the family room chair has been reduced to four, which is a small enough number that I moved them to a different location to finish reading them.

Then I can start work on the newspapers stuffed in the end table...