February 19th, 2021

Technology In Action

Although I made some good progress at work today, much of the rest of the day was painful. With luck, this will improve.

In completely unrelated news, I walked into the bedroom today to discover that the Alexa unit in there was merrily streaming a series of commercials. I told it to shut up and then realized that the radio in the bathroom was streaming a remarkably similar series of commercials.

See, I listen to the local classic rock station in the morning. I don't turn the radio off when I leave the bathroom, because I have usually not yet brushed my teeth. Leaving the radio on is my little lifehack to remind me that I still haven't brushed my teeth.

The radio station is currently running a series of commercials and giveaways of Alexa units to promote the fact that the station can be streamed via Alexa. They even point out how you can say, "Alexa, stream 97.1 the Drive" to start the streaming.

Now, normally commercials have some tweak made to them to prevent any Alexa that is listening from starting up. Not so much in this case.

At least the morning DJs didn't decide to ask Alexa to order 500 rolls of toilet paper.


(Happily, that requires a PIN...)