February 27th, 2021

Jean, Jean

I am trying to buy a new pair of jeans. Normally, this would be simple. Go to Amazon and order a pair of Levi's 560s in my size. Except that Levi has discontinued the 560 line, so now I have to figure out what fits, a process being made more complex by the fact that I have lost enough weight that I could probably just go down one size in the 560s -- except I can't get them.

The problem is that I need some form of relaxed fit / loose fit jean that sits around the waist, because (with all of my height in my torso) jeans that sit lower than the waist are going to give me a permanent case of plumber's butt. This eliminates lots of possibilities in the Levi's line. In fact, it pretty much brings it down to the 550.

So I ordered a pair of 550s, one size smaller than the current jeans, from Prime Wardrobe. They were too small -- largely, riding too low around the butt, which is what I'm trying to avoid -- so I returned them and ordered a pair of 550s in my current size.

According to the USPS, they were picked up at the post office at 4:59 PM on Thursday and the delivery was complete. Not so much.

They arrived in my mailbox yesterday. Maybe tomorrow, I'll get around to trying them on.

And we'll see how they fit. :)