March 12th, 2021


Today's excitement was emergency fence repair.

I had let Ruby out of the house and had thrown the ball for her, which she had grabbed, and then proceeded to run around the yard, as is her habit. She vanished behind the yew on the right side of the yard, which is also not unusual, because that's one of the places where important doggie business is done. But I didn't see her come back around. *That* was unusual, so I went out to check.

A section of fence was lying flat on the ground. This was the section that our (now-former) lawn service from last summer had been popping out so that they could get their riding mower into the back yard. Apparently, it had not been put back up *nearly* well enough, as there were no brackets on one side at all to hold it in place.

Well, I could probably fix this. I have brackets which I could screw into place on the one side and then maybe I could just drop the fence section back in. Good idea.

Shame that the 2x4 crossbars weren't long enough to reach both ends. Apparently, things have shifted in the 25 years that fence has been standing. Also, I was definitely going to have to pull at least one picket to get the purchase to try this trick.

I called K out to help, because it was going to take someone to hold and someone to operate on the fence. The picket that needed to be removed was (of course) the most firmly attached picket on the whole fence and finally gave up the ghost as we pried it loose. But I have spare pickets in the garage, so I was prepared for that.

We eventually bodged the thing back together with only one 2x4 properly attached on one end; two others held in by the brackets that had probably been installed by the lawn service and a couple of screws that they had left now inserted at odd angles; and the final connection made by screwing through the new picket and into the support bracket.

The score of things that will need to be fixed in the *real* fence repair session when things get warmer is now up to:

Two posts that need to be replaced, one of which is connected to a recently rebuilt section of fence that will probably be ok, but all of which is now being held up with bungee cords

One section of fence that will *definitely* need to be rebuilt (that was bodged back together today).

One section of fence connected to the two failed posts that is going to be inspected and possibly rebuilt when the new posts go in.