April 12th, 2021

Design on the Fly

The great thing about us and getting this kitchen done is that we are able to design on the fly.

Our contractor came by, looked quickly at the situation, and agreed that all we really need to do is shift three of the existing cabinets down the wall by a couple of inches, insert fill, and all will be well there. Well, once we find the great expanse of crown molding that is nowhere to be seen in the garage. We'll figure that out.

Meanwhile, I have placed yet another Amazon order to get ten more cabinet knobs. Gretchen is concerned about injury potential with a lot of handles on the island, so we're going to put knobs on all of the lower cabinet doors, and use the handles on all of the uppers. The pantry doors will all get handles. This should look almost like it was planned from the beginning. :)

And once the tiling is done, we will buy a lot of stainless steel outlet covers for the backsplash, as we think those should look really nice on the tile we've selected. The existing white covers would be ok, but the stainless should be better.

We'll see how it goes!