April 13th, 2021

Moving the Pile

Our contractor came by today and moved the base cabinet to the correct position on the wall. The cabinet crew will come and move the two upper cabinets next week and install the rest of the hardware, at which point those things should be in pretty good shape.

Having the lower cabinets all in the correct location will make it easier when the fellow comes tomorrow to measure for the granite countertops. We'll need to remind him that the refrigerator will *not* be staying flush against one of the lower cabinets, but other than that, things are where they are going to stay.

We will then go into the long night of the kitchen, waiting for the granite fab to be completed. This is supposed to take seven to ten days. It will seem longer. :)

And then there will be the tile work for the backsplash, but that shouldn't take too long, I suspect.

In the meantime, I have been offloading boxes into the upper cabinets that are in the correct position. The problem is *finding* the right boxes, because they are mostly not labeled. So it's open a box, see what's in it, realize that it is not yet a useful box, and try another.

But I got three boxes into the cabinets tonight, which is not bad. And I found the baking cookware for Gretchen to offload into drawers tomorrow, so that will be good too.