April 21st, 2021

Gentlemen, Be Seated

I appear to collect office chairs.

A few years ago, I bought a new chair for the studio in the after-Christmas sales. It is a big and tall Sealy chair which looked suitable in every possible way for use there. After my first mixing session in it, my intermittent sciatica mitted in the worst possible way and started screaming at me for a week. Clearly, that chair was not going to work out.

My office chair from my home office, on the other hand, didn't do this. It was getting to be quite a few years old, so I bought a new copy of that chair when it was on sale, moved the old chair to the studio, and have been sitting happily in the new chair in my office. The studio was still overfull with a chair that I couldn't sit in, but it would be ok for visitors.

The new office chair, however, developed a defect. The plastic sleeve around the metal parts of the right-hand arm split, which eventually caused the armrest to be not so much an armrest as a "thing that falls over when you touch it". This, of course, would not do. I ordered a roll of extra-strength black duct tape which Gretchen used this morning to wrap the sleeve back together and this will probably be a satisfactory repair for a while. Also, I have gotten the contact info for the manufacturer, so I may be able to get a replacement arm.

Similar office chairs are on sale again though. It turns out that I can get a slightly larger chair in a similar design for about $20 more than the previous chair. So I have ordered one of those today. If it works out, I will install it in the office, move the current office chair to the studio to join the other chair that I sent down there, and consign the big, comfy chair that I can't sit in to K's room where she will be able to curl up in a ball in it, thereby freeing up a good bit of space in the studio.

It's a theory.

We'll see how it works.