May 27th, 2021

Orange and Chicken

We've been going to the same local Chinese restaurant for a great many years. They recently changed ownership and we were not nearly as pleased with them subsequently as we had been before, so we started auditioning new places, some of which we'd tried before.

The current winner is Orange and Chicken over on Elmhurst Rd. The food has been really good. The prices are really reasonable. They have very tasty hot and sour soup, which is both hot and sour. (Yes, you'd think that hot and sour soup would normally have both of those attributes. I find it not to be the case too often.)

And their pot stickers are not a light, airy snack. They are heavyweight dumplings.

Good eggrolls too.

And the entrees have been uniformly tasty.

We managed to feed three of us tonight (including the jumbo pot stickers) for $20.


Wayward Packages

I was reading Erica's post and it reminded me that I had intended to post this story, so...

The handle wrap on K's softball bat is wearing thin in spots and she really wanted the bat rewrapped. I haven't done this before, but I figured it couldn't be too difficult, so I went on Amazon, found more varieties of bat wrap than I would have believed existed, ordered something suitable, and waited for it to make its Tuesday arrival.

The delivery notice showed up on my phone. There was an Amazon package on the porch, but it was for Gretchen, not for me. Huh. I brought Gretchen's package in. I checked my delivery record. Yes, my package was marked as delivered. Well, better report that.

While I'm sending through the non-delivery notice on the phone, I go back to the porch. And I realize that there is an envelope tucked in underneath the thick yew hedge. It is K's bat wrap. And what is that behind it?

With some help from Julie, I retrieved a second Amazon package from deep beneath the yew hedge. The date on the package was 12/22. It had taken substantial water damage from having been outside for nearly six months. I opened it up and there was the guitar tuner that I had bought for Julie for Christmas that I assumed that I must have misplaced among the stack of packages that I'd hauled into the house.

Nope. Under the hedge.

I had a nice support chat with Amazon, where I suggested that this was not a good place to put packages. I have gotten a $5 credit for my trouble.

I guess I need to look under the hedge more often.