June 7th, 2021

Clearing the Queue 2: How *Is* The Cat?

As long as I'm clearing things off the queue, Gary asked about how Sunshine the Cat is doing, so let's cover the feline half of the animal population of the household today.

Sunshine is doing well. She has settled into the household, although she is still wary of Ruby the Dog, so she spends very little time in the family room. Since this is where Gretchen and I usually are in the early evening, we don't see much of her until we go up to watch a bit of TV in the bedroom before going to bed. At that time, Sunshine leaps upon the bed and demands that her head be scritched and her chin chucked. This is the chin-chuckingest cat I have ever had, but it makes her happy and only takes one hand, so we can make this work. :)

When downstairs, Sunshine is most often found in the living room, which is where Julie has been hanging out. She also hangs out in Julie's bedroom upstairs.

A week or so ago, everyone else was out of the house except me. Sunshine the Cat was in the hallway just outside of Julie's bedroom door; Ruby the Dog was in the hallway between me and Sunshine. No actual attempts at investigation or combat were observed.

This is good.