June 13th, 2021

Bats and Balls

We arrived at our softball practice field this morning to discover that it was filled with men playing cricket. We have no idea if they actually booked our field out from under us with the Park District, but since the opposite field was unoccupied, we figured we'd go there. Unfortunately, that field was rather the worse for wear after yesterday's downpour, with major mud pits near first, third, and home.

So we decided to practice on the grass, except for a bit of infield practice between shortstop and second. There was hitting practice, pitching practice, fielding practice. And *then*, we set the kids to play "pickle". They had never played pickle before and a great deal of amusement was had by all. It was a good way to wrap up.

This evening, I headed back to Wrigley Field for my first trip there since the season ended in 2019. I had moved seats for the 2020 season, but since there was no in-person baseball in 2020, this was my first chance to sit in them. I am rather pleased with them, especially since I hope this will keep the cold east wind out of my face early and late in the season.

The game could have gone better, but that's ok. There will be another game. :)