June 20th, 2021

Weekend Update

The windshield of Gretchen's minivan was a casualty of an errant foul ball at Saturday's softball game. The windshield repair service has been booked and a replacement windshield will be installed tomorrow morning.

Because of this, I will be taking a trip off to Home Depot to acquire some more of the mounting strips for the I-Pass transponder so that it can go back onto the new windshield just as soon as possible. I note that our transponder was scheduled to expire in 11/20, but -- since we've received no notification from the Tollway that it needs to be replaced -- I'm going to assume that expiration date has become obsolete post-COVID. Since I'm going to Home Depot, Gretchen has asked me to hunt down marigolds in the garden section to join the rest of the cavalcade of flowers on the back patio, so I'll take care of that in a few minutes.

Earlier today, we went to Sam's Club and I found a couple of nice steaks that I'll be grilling for Father's Day dinner, along with a steak that we've rescued from the freezer for K. Hmm. I still need other bits for dinner, so I guess I'll stop at the grocery store on the way home from Home Depot. :)

Grilling is going to become marginally more complex in the future, as we use newspaper as fire starter in the chimney, as well as to line Ruby's kennel. While I have over a hundred unread copies of the Chicago Tribune in my garage, we are going to eventually deplete the supply, as I canceled my subscription to the Trib this morning in the wake of the Alden buyouts. I felt a little sorry for the fellow on the end of the phone line this morning when I called to cancel (which appears to be the only way to do it), as he sounded like he had taken a *lot* of phone calls. He asked why I was canceling and I explained that I had a hundred unread copies of the Trib in my garage and that, honestly, you would have to pay *me* to read their remaining columnists. He said he would pass along the feedback.

Gretchen and I had lunch today over at City Barbeque in Park Ridge, where I tried the Chipotle BBQ sandwich, which was quite tasty. I like City BBQ, but I still miss Ted's.

In other news, in and around laundry last night, I downloaded the latest Cubase point update, which seems to have cleared up a lot of stability issues with the point-zero release. The big demo that they sent ran well. Then I pulled up the tracks from the Thieving Magpies concert at Capricon last year. That sounded good too and wasn't trying to crash the machine.

So, having pulled that up and listened to it, a rapid mixdown copy went off to my cohorts in crime today. :)

Ok, off to Home Depot and the grocery store...