Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

This Is Not the Buffet You Were Looking For

I went over to Rich's mom's house and knocked off eight games of APBA baseball today, splitting them to remain at .500.

daisy_knotwise asked if I wanted her to make stir fry or if we should go out for dinner and have the stir fry on Monday. Since the cleaning lady is coming tomorrow, I voted for fewer dishes, although -- in one of those perverse bits of logic that I occasionally come up with -- I ended up suggesting we go to one of the local Chinese buffets. (Gretchen's stir fry is not a Chinese buffer, nor is a Chinese buffet Gretchen's stir fry.)

When we got there, we discovered that the Chinese buffet had morphed into a Cici's Pizza, a buffet pizza chain that we weren't familiar with. I shrugged and suggested that we try it, since we've been looking for new local pizza to replace the pizzeria that closed due to a fire.

It's pretty much decent buffet pizza and the price was certainly low enough -- under $13 for both of us with sodas. The deep dish pizza was the best of the lot and actually worth ordering as carry out, with a lot of good spicy pizza sauce on top. The Caesar dressing for the salad had a nice bite. And the cinnamon rolls I had for dessert were really good, suggesting that they were probably really bad for me. :)

They also had an arcade in the back with an air hockey table.

I doubt we'll eat there often ourselves since there is better buffet pizza available about 20 minutes away at Perry's, but I might take the baseball league there for dinner under the right circumstances.
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