Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper


Ah, insomnia! An occasionally useful muse, but one that I'm going to regret in the morning.

Although I probably won't regret it a few days from now when I've caught up on my sleep.

Words and Music: Bill Roper
Copyright 2005


In the chill of autumn, as I walk through falling leaves,
Looking for a reason to believe.
Searching for a vision that I’m hoping to receive,
Looking for a reason to believe.

I have walked on many dusty highways
And followed paths not knowing where they led.
Everywhere I went, I went there my way,
But now I need to know what lies ahead.

It comes to me in darkness when I’m dreaming
With nearly form enough to touch and feel,
But is it just another midnight seeming
Or just a chance this vision might be real?

Is there magic in the power of believing
Or hope in some celestial appeal?
Could you fail, because you’re frightened of achieving?
Can you want something enough to make it real?

(Chorus, then alternate chorus)
In the wee hours of the morning, past and future interleave,
Finding a new reason to believe.
And the threads of time are tangled, but I’m learning how to weave,
Finding a new reason to believe.

Finding a new reason to believe.
Tags: filk, lyrics, musings

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