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Sunday Night Insomnia, Take 2 (Look At Me)

Last night, I couldn't sleep, so I pulled out my guitar and started noodling. Gretchen is convinced that there's a musical that's creeping up on me here. She may well be right.

Words and Music: Bill Roper
Copyright 2003

Look At Me

Creatures of darkness fear the creatures of the light.
You can tell for you never see them wander but at night.
Glowing silver in the moonlight, if you’re looking you may find
There are creatures not quite human that are looking for your mind.
So if you see, then look at me.

There are shadows to disarm you. There are shadows you can fight.
There are shadows who will call your name and take you in the night.
And you might survive the shadows, you might make a safe return,
If you only knew the secrets – if you had the chance to learn.
So if you see, then look at me.

There are patterns of protection that are known to just a few.
There are patterns in the moonlight and the stars when moon is new.
There are patterns in the breezes. There are patterns in the wind.
There are patterns that could save you if you’d only just begin.
So if you see, then look at me.

There is sense and there is reason, but when reason makes no sense
Weaving patterns out of chaos is your last line of defense.
And the knowledge that I offer would be cheap at any price,
But there’s no way I can help you if you won’t take my advice.
So if you see, then look at me.

I am not what you expected and I don’t fit in your plan,
For though I am touched by power, you will find I’m still a man.
And before your lesson’s over, many prices you will pay.
So if you would survive it, you will do just what I say.
So if you see, then look at me.

Creatures of darkness cannot take you in the night
If you bind them up in patterns woven well with air and light.
And the pattern’s glowing silver and the pattern’s glowing gold,
And a creature, still quite human, wonders how he got this old.
So if you see, then look at me.

Then look at me.

(The first and last verses are to a different tune than the verses in the middle, but the formatting doesn't show that. Life is tough.)
Tags: filk, lyrics, musings

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