Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

God's Will

So let's talk about God's will.

This is maybe not the best example to use in this particular week, but it's the one that makes my point, so:

There was a man in an area that was starting to flood. An SUV came down the street full of water and the driver called out to the man saying, "There's a flood. Let me get you out of here."

And the man replied, "God will provide for me." And the truck drove away.

The water continued to rise and the man had to take refuge on his roof. A boat came past his house, through his flooded yard, and the pilot of the boat called out, "Swim over here and we'll take you to safety."

And the man replied, "God will provide for me." And the boat headed off.

The water was washing over the roof and the man was clinging to the chimney when a helicopter came by and hovered over the house. "Grab the ladder," the pilot said, "and we'll get you off that roof."

And the man replied, "God will provide for me." And the helicopter flew away.

The water continued to rise and shortly thereafter the man drowned.

In heaven, the man confronted God. "God," he asked, "why didn't you save me?"

And God said, "I sent you a truck, a boat, and a helicopter. What more was I supposed to do?"

Now, elsewhere on my friends list, someone posted something today on the subject of idiots who say it's God's will that Katrina hit New Orleans. And there were many people (not all) who responded in an approving manner, including one person who said something to the effect of, "Yeah, and those people who talk so much about God's will don't hesitate to use in-vitro fertilization when they can't have a kid."

So let's talk about God's will. God gave us two hands and a brain and I believe that's because He intended for us to use them. If the sum of the efforts of various members of the human race has made it possible for us to make a baby via in-vitro fertilization, then what's wrong with our having collectively used our two hands and a brain to make it possible?

God has sent us a truck, and a boat, and a helicopter. Given the opportunity, I intend to have the sense to climb on board.

Do good. Avoid evil.

And try to ignore the idiots.

The last being advice that I should take myself, because it's obviously cutting into my sleep time.
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