Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

One of These Characters Is Not Like the Others

Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman. Infinite Crisis.

Ok, first, you've surely heard of Infinite Crisis if you read DC comics. We've been leading up to it for months now, following Identity Crisis, and we already know that following the events of the miniseries, there will be a one-year gap in the continuity of all of the DC titles as we jump forward in time. That gap will be plugged by a weekly maxi-series called 52.

A few weeks ago in his column at CBR, Rich Johnston posted a rumor that one of DC's "big three" characters above would die. Specifically, Bruce Wayne, with Dick Grayson taking over as Batman following the one-year gap.

Now, I believe that Bruce will be out of uniform for a while and Dick will be in the Batsuit. But I don't believe for a moment that this is permanent, because we've just had the successful movie, Batman Begins. Batman isn't ending, thank you very much.

Similarly, everybody knows that Superman is Clark Kent. He's not getting replaced.

So I've guessed that Wonder Woman is toast, especially since the arguably-more-powerful Donna Troy has just been brought back to life and can easily be dropped into the existing costume. And, of course, since Donna was created from a fragment of Diana's soul (in the latest retcon), we'll always have Diana with us. Also, Diana crossed the line -- correctly, in my opinion -- when she recently killed Max Lord to free Superman from his mental control.

This particular Wonder Woman is toast. Or well-charred clay, perhaps. And this moves another character from the original Teen Titans up into the Justice League, which is an excellent generational play.

And Rich Johnston reports today that the Wonder Woman title will be restarting with issue #1 again, just like it did after Crisis on Infinite Earths.

I can't imagine why. (Well, yes, I can...)
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