Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Thursday Night TV

daisy_knotwise and I watched our usual assortment of Thursday night TV tonight: Joey, CSI, and ER.

The good news was that Joey finally got around to doing what I'd been complaining needed to be done for all of last season: he's got to be a reasonably successful actor to be interesting. He's landed the starring role in an upcoming Jerry Bruckheimer film, along with a new actor/friend. And the situation with Alex has been temporarily defused, but left open. No surprise there. So I'll be watching for a while, if for no other reason than to see if I was right about this being a good idea for the show.

The CSI crew is back together and investigating the usual assortment of strange deaths. And it looks like there will be some follow up from last year's season ender. So far, so good. No real surprises, weddings notwithstanding.

I'd heard that Sherry Stringfield was leaving ER again and she may yet, but she was around for the opener. I dunno. Luka and Sam recover her son -- once again, not a surprise. Sam needs to grow up, but given that she had to grow up very quickly at a young age, this may take a while. And the new Chief Resident is every bit the useless idiot that we expected.

Overall, a good way to kill an evening.
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