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It Rained Idiots

At least, that's all that I can conclude in the aftermath of a brief shower in the area shortly before I went out for lunch. I'm taking Skokie Boulevard from Old Orchard Rd. down to Gross Point, because there's nasty construction on Dempster if you get off the Edens going eastbound. And I got to see (and almost be intimately involved with) some really entertaining driving decisions.

During the middle of the long stretch from Old Orchard to Golf Road, Skokie Blvd. goes from two lanes to three. This apparently completely confounded the semi driver who straddled the two lanes drifting slowly back and forth for most of the distance until the rest of the drivers on the road (myself included) went around him in the leftmost lane in disgust.

Before I could get to the first light past Golf Road, the woman driving the enormous silver Infiniti SUV in the center lane decided that she needed to be in the right lane so she could turn right at the light. Since I had already passed her rear bumper, I thought this was a spectacularly bad idea. I jammed on the anti-lock brakes, jerked my steering wheel to the right, and stabbed for the horn a fraction of a second later and managed to miss her.

Two lights later, I was ready to turn right at Gross Point when I noticed that the car in the center lane next to me was stopped. I turned right and discovered that he wanted to turn right as well (and did so), but had at least had enough sense to look and see that someone was in the -- at this intersection -- right turn lane.

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