Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Feeding the Cat

Bilbo, the older of our two cats, has been feeling poorly for a bit. daisy_knotwise took him to the vet yesterday. He thinks that he may have an abscessed tooth, which would explain why he's been unwilling to eat anything but the softest foods. He's on antibiotics now, but wasn't much interested in eating.

At least until I got him to take some cream cheese from my finger. Later he took it from the dish and we got a good bit of cream cheese in him. It may not be a cat's perfect food, but it contains calories, which are important right now.

But, boy, does he have bad breath!

Update: Later in the evening, Bilbo had crawled into the sink to drink from a dish of water that was sitting there, so I'm thinking he's feeling better.
Tags: cats, musings

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