Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Heave Ho!

I filled out my order sheet at the comic book store yesterday and decided that there are several more titles that are going over the side. I'm really, really tired of Brian Bendis, so New Avengers is gone. Daredevil would follow it, but the first of Ed Brubaker's issues is coming out on this order, so we'll give him a chance. Peter Milligan's X-Men is gone, for the same reasons that I've dumped Grant Morrison's books. Hulk is toast, Peter David having left the book again and my enthusiasm for the "Planet Hulk" event being completely lacking. And the non-PAD Spidey books come off the subscription list, now that "The Other" event is over.

Marvel is committing the worst sin that they can in comics -- they're simply being boring. Despite the recent House of M event and the resulting fallout, I've tired of padded storylines where nothing happens and I wait for the reset button to be pushed.

Interestingly, I'm anxiously waiting to see how DC is pushing the reset button in Infinite Crisis. But I've had the feeling that DC is going somewhere, even if I don't always agree with where they're going.

On the DC/Vertigo front, Swamp Thing gets one more month (since they're finishing a story arc), then it goes over the side too.
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