Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

That Was the Year That Was

The first sentence of each post for each month from January through December 2005, for those playing at home:

This article about a nanoparticle lubricant developed in Israel sounds entirely too good to be true. There are absolutely no surprises inside the cut tag... Well, it looks like I won't be going to New Orleans for our company's Solutions 2005 user conference. Returned from FilkOntario (about which more anon) to a heaping helping of Crisis du Jour which is the only thing that I've had to eat today until I grabbed the bagel that I'm munching on now between keystrokes. Well, we didn't quite talk the whole night through. My dad's widow, Connie, called today. The overnight walk for suicide prevention is coming up in two weeks and I needed to stretch out my walking mileage ahead of the date. It is when you are desperately trying to finish up your bugs so that you can go home that Microsoft Visual Studio will decide to crash. Meanwhile, back at work, our hero had finally finished untangling the incredible mess of spaghetti code from the lovely meatball inside when he discovered that someone had put oregano in the sauce some years ago. Now, you have to understand that this wasn't my idea. daisy_knotwise is home from work today with larygitis, trying to recover from her long-running cold. I booked my airline ticket for GAFilk.
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